SHELBYVILLE, Indiana — Plymate Inc. has named fourth-generation Ben Warnecke as President.

In this new role, Ben is taking over the responsibilities for all Plymate operations, which services roughly a 100-mile radius of Shelbyville, IN with uniform, floor mat, and safety rental needs.

As of January 1st, 2024, Warnecke took over the role that his uncle, Todd Plymate, had for four decades.

“I am thrilled for Ben, and the team looks to him as the leader. He is the right person for the job.” Todd Plymate said. “I will still be involved with major strategic decisions and capital expenditures but the day-to-day, growing the business is Ben’s baby.”

In 2016, Ben joined the business full-time, and Todd Plymate and Terri Warnecke, 3rd generation owners, made a plan to prepare Ben by having him train across multiple departments.

“Ben is a great listener, and I think he will always have a pulse of what is going on. I feel confident he’ll do all he can to keep this legacy intact,” Terri Warnecke, previous Plymate Vice President, said. “I am really proud and grateful because he is so passionate and knows the vision.”

The Plymate future, according to Ben, is living their core values and focusing a lot of time and energy around their people.

“The tenure of our workforce is really what helped us get to where we are today, and I’m excited to continue to push the envelope and challenge ourselves to focus on how to attract, retain, and engage our people.” Ben Warnecke said. “My mom and uncle have partnered together for over 30 years, and seeing that firsthand makes me optimistic and excited to know that I, too, have a solid right hand. My cousin Sarah [Plymate, Todd’s daughter] is by my side to help navigate this journey and face challenges together; it just makes it all the more exciting.”