Our Epic Formula to Success: Part 2

One of the luxuries of being an independent company is being able to make decisions internally. Apart from deciding on technological and capital investments, we also get to decide how we want to give back to the community that gives so much to us.

Shelby County United Fund For You (SCUFFY) is one of our greatest community commitments.

SCUFFY is the annual United Way campaign that helps raise funds so that local non-profit agencies can operate and serve county residents throughout the year. All monies raised/donated stay in Shelby County. This is also one of the most successful United Way campaigns in the Midwest, if not, the entire United States. In the 2017 SCUFFY drive, Plymate was able to donate over $15,000 from co-worker contributions and a Plymate match!

This year’s drive has a goal of $830,000 which Plymate plans to help reach by raising our goal to $15,500. Our co-workers are able to contribute by participating in jeans week (wear jeans for $5 a day!), purchasing a SCUFFY lunch put on by volunteers here at Plymate, payroll deductions, and general donations.

Next month, our leadership team will spend the day volunteering to paint at some of the non-profit buildings who benefit from SCUFFY. We look forward to giving back to SCUFFY each year and are thankful to our co-workers who believe in SCUFFY as much as we do.

Click here if you would like to make a donation to SCUFFY!