Our Epic Formula to Success: Part 1

Plymate has 3 national competitors and even fewer statewide competitors. So, what have we done to stay in business for 87 years against the national suppliers? We’ve continuously invested in our company, our people, our technology, and our training.

Earlier this month, we invested in two of our key managers by sending them to a training trip in Orlando, FL. Our Sales Manager, Kevin Bunch, and Director of Service, Tim Uhlmansiek, spent a couple of days sharing best ideas and learning Customer Onboarding practices. They also had the chance to tour the Disney World Linen Laundry.

Plymate is a member of a sales management group, the CSC Smart Group, and service management group, SECURE Group—all members are independently owned uniform/linen/mat service companies—no national suppliers allowed.

Aligning ourselves in peer networking groups like this has allowed us to be the leading Indiana Independent company for over 87 years. This investment will continue to help us grow at the exceptional pace we are growing accustomed to.