Open Door Policy: 3 Key Benefits

As an organization, Plymate prioritizes open lines of communication. So much so, that we’ve named it as one of the core values we keep at the center of our identity. We are a floor mat and uniform rental company, of course. But to be any good at our job, we have to be effective listeners and communicators. That’s how we attract and keep our customers, and it’s also how we attract and keep great co-workers!

The “open door” policy is one we embrace here at Plymate, but what does that mean exactly? For us, it means keeping the lines of communication flowing in both directions. We’ve found over the years that having (and using!) direct access to managers benefits every level of an organization. So today, we’re sharing a few key ways the “open door” helps us sustain a healthy work environment.

It Creates a Culture of Trust

A closed office door can look, and feel, like a literal wall. Certainly, there are times when private conversations need to happen between people in an office environment. But when private conversations are the norm, it can lead to a worrisome and disjointed atmosphere. Employees can feel uneasy perceiving they’re left out of potentially important discussions, or unable to approach managers freely.

It Opens the Lines of Communication

With an open door and easy access to managers, employees feel encouraged to speak up with concerns. Here at Plymate, nobody has to go through several unnecessary layers before they’re able to reach a higher-up. If there’s a problem, our co-workers can walk into our CEO’s office and ask for help anytime they need it. Problems resolve directly—and much faster!—this way.

It Promotes Healthier Workplace Relationships

When workers feel valued and managers feel connected, it’s a healthy place to be. At Plymate we’ve found the “open door” effect contributes to happier co-workers with longer tenures, particularly on our service side. We’ve seen competitors cycle through drivers at a higher rate. This can stem from a lack of access to higher-ups that can help resolve issues. Our service team can make their own decisions and get help quickly when needed, which keeps them productive! If our service team is happy, it makes our production team happy. In turn, this makes our sales team happy as well. Why? Because we can sell easier knowing our prospects will be in excellent hands from start to finish.

Keeping an open door helps us achieve the success we have today, both with our customers and within our Plymate family!