No Missing Garments, Guaranteed

Here at Plymate, the customer is the priority, and as such, we’ve done the research and the work to invest in technology and practices that give our clients the smoothest possible experience. This dedication led us to Trak-Mate, our technology system that allows us to provide a superior customer experience, with greater efficiency and delivery accuracy. Here’s what you need to know!

The Technology

In today’s day and age, tech continues to grow in all kinds of industries, and that’s true for us too. Our Trak-Mate system begins with a small, flexible identification tag that uses Ultra High Frequency Radio Identification (UHF RFID). Each item that enters and leaves our facility is “marked” with a tag the size of a paperclip! This allows every garment or mat to be scanned into our facility, verifying items that might need repairs or special handling. This same tag helps us guarantee that all items are scanned back out, creating complete bundles and 99.9% complete deliveries.

The Steps

Our Trak-Mate process includes three essential steps to ensure that we can provide complete uniform deliveries.

  1. Portal scanning device. Within minutes of route truck arrival, we can provide verification of that route day’s garment pick up. The portal scans up to 2,000 garments in 8 seconds!
  2. Computer assisted garment sortation. This step allows garments to be sorted with fewer touches, virtually eliminating human error.
  3. Bundle reader. The final scan ensures that garment bundles are complete and accurate for every wearer, every week. If not, we proactively provide a $5 credit on the following invoice!

The Guarantee

Trak-Mate elevates our organization and gives us the ability to track each and every garment or mat that enters and leaves our facility. With cutting-edge technology, we at Plymate can confidently guarantee complete uniform deliveries, every time. No more missing garments or leaving a worker without a uniform. You can trust Plymate, and you can trust our Trak-Mate system.

Want to learn more about Trak-Mate or get information on our unique and comprehensive mat and uniform rental programs? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!