New Year, New Mate

As we dive into 2022, there are a lot of things on our to-do lists, with prioritizing safety and health at the top. Luckily, Plymate is here to help you tackle both of those things with our extensive uniform and facility service programs. If you aren’t happy with your current provider, make the switch to Plymate, your new perfect mate!

How Can a Reliable Uniform Program Help?

Uniform programs create happier, more productive employees. From building camaraderie and promoting teamwork, to enhancing the stress of laundering at home. When you partner with Plymate, your team will never have to worry about having a clean, crisp uniform every day of the work week, but you can also trust that your garments are hygienically cleaned with top-of-the-line detergents, in-state-of-the-art washers, and delivered to you without a hassle. In a time where the elimination of germs and outside contaminants is a priority to maintain everyone’s safety, let Plymate take this concern off your plate this year!

Safety & Compliance Comes First  

With decades in the industry, Plymate knows that employee safety and compliance takes precedence in many situations and is an integral part of your uniform program. Whether your employees work in a hazardous environment, on a delivery truck, or in a low-lit facility, safety should always be a top priority. When choosing the proper uniforms for your team, Plymate will help you navigate the complicated world of uniform safety compliance while also considering your team’s comfort and style preferences. 

We offer a variety of color and style combinations of work shirts, pants, lab coats, protective garments and other proper work attire designed to keep your employees compliant and safe. No matter your industry, we can create a uniform rental program designed specifically for your employee’s exact needs.

The Importance of Facility Services 

With the coronavirus pandemic still affecting our communities and businesses, safety and cleanliness should be top of mind. Plymate is the perfect partner in the sanitation area, from soaps and sanitizers to towels, restroom supplies, and more, we have you covered with our extensive offerings list of facility services

Floor Mats Are a Must This Winter

While mats might seem fairly insignificant, they can make or break a first impression of your business. With the wet and snowy season in full swing, water, snow, and salt are constant threats to your floors and those who walk on them. Our commercial mat rental service ensures both customer and employee safety when entering your facilities. We offer a range of different mats, such as Waterhogs & scraper mats, along with customer logo mats and a variety of stock image mat options.

Whatever you’re looking to accomplish in the new year, we’re confident that we can help you reach your goals. Whether it be in making life easier for your employees, prioritizing safety and sanitization, or increasing brand awareness with custom floor mats, we’re here to assist. 

Contact us today to learn more about what a rental program may look like for you!