Love Your Local Uniform Provider

At Plymate, we believe you should love the companies you work with. It’s no secret that local businesses can provide more human, personalized service compared to national providers. Our core values have made Plymate a trusted Indianapolis uniform & floor mat supplier for generations!

Why Love Local?

Plymate was founded in 1930 right here in Shelbyville, Indiana. What first began as a dry-cleaning company has expanded into corporate branded apparel, uniform rental, towel service, mats and more! As our business has continued to grow, we’ve evolved to meet the needs of the growing sub-markets in our Indiana community. We service a variety of industries and facility types that trust us to provide safety, security, and image. We provide thoughtful care to each business that we partner with because we know you’re helping us make lasting impacts on our community!

“Our previous uniform vendor was not providing the level of service in lots of different ways. We like the idea of working with a small company that was more focused on our needs and the service that we were requesting. Plymate came in was very confident about their ability to make the transition go smoothly, so we put our trust in them and it all worked out.” – Kendra O’Brien, Major Tool and Machine, Vice President Human Resources

Love Your Team

Our family understands that even with the newest technology and high-quality uniforms, we’d be nothing without the right staff on our team. Customer service is at the foundation of our organization and the commitment to our values has been carried through generations. When you partner with Plymate for a uniform or mat rental program, you’ll see the same route representative each week to deliver your uniforms. This allows our team to get to know key people within your organization while working to better understand your business needs.

“We have had a great partnership with Plymate from day one. They work hard to be a service-oriented company and they do a great job. They’ve kept their promise every step of the way.” -Dean Roth, Columbus Regional Hospital, Manager of Environmental Services

Love Your Uniforms

Our uniform rental and facility service programs can take care of everything your business needs. From laundering and repairing uniforms to keeping your restrooms stocked, you can trust Plymate to get it done right. We know that it can be scary to trust a new provider with the safety and image of your employees, but our team is with you every step of the way to ensure you’re happy with your program!

“When we first spoke with Plymate, we had a lot of different uniform challenges. They really were able to meet all that we asked them to do. I don’t have uniform shortages, what they do just seems very automatic. I really don’t have to think about it.” -Scott Lorenzen, Curry Auto Center, Director of Service 

Are you ready to work with a uniform rental provider that you can love & trust? Contact us today to set up your new program!