Local vs. National Uniform and Mat Supplies

As a fourth-generation mat and uniform company, we know a thing or two about strong values and how to build longstanding partnerships. If you’re deciding to start a program or switch to a new provider, we understand that there are many things to consider. And while it can certainly be tempting to choose a national company due to name recognition, a locally-owned and operated supplier is proven to exceed your expectations every time. There are several benefits to working with a local business! Don’t sacrifice quality, convenience, or superior customer service, and choose a trusted local provider like Plymate.

Quality and Service

Folks typically love local businesses. Have you ever wondered why that is? Most of the time, it’s because workers believe in their communities and each other. A local business will be even more trustworthy when it functions as a family-oriented organization. It’s those deep familial values that drive great service, friendliness, and willingness to always get the job done. Our customer-focused approach is organic when we don’t have to answer to shareholders. We’re directly available to our customers and pride ourselves on clear, transparent communication. When our business was founded in 1930, Glenn Plymate would point to our trucks and say, “That’s our family name. Take good care of it.” And we’ve followed and believed in that ever since.

Community and Teamwork

We live here, we work here, and we believe in the Midwest. We follow the principles that come along with it each and every day, and we believe that you do, too. Choosing local keeps money and jobs right here in our area, and allows us to continue to reinvest in our community. We’re dedicated to building a strong team, celebrating our workers, and promoting a culture that leads to inclusion and strong retention.


Another benefit to working with a local uniform and mat provider is our commitment to transparency. We’re proud to offer fair pricing and never introduce random price increases to your program. You’ll never experience hidden fees and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have about the details of your rental program. Uniforms and mats may seem like small potatoes to you, but they’re everything to us. With decades of experience working with organizations throughout Indiana, we’ve seen it all and are always open with our customers about what to expect.

Plus, Advanced Technology

An issue clients often face with national providers is incomplete deliveries and difficulty with replacements and repairs. At Plymate, we’ve invested in the highest-level technology, allowing us to guarantee 100% complete deliveries every time. With Trak-Mate, we can ensure that all rental garments or mats are scanned and accounted for at each processing stage in our facility, verify which items need repairs or special handling, and scan everything out in a complete bundle. It’s an incredibly advanced process that eliminates human error, and has made us one of the most trusted providers in the business.

Our dedication to customer service, strong business relationships, and earning the utmost respect of our clients is inherently woven into the fabric of who we are at Plymate. We promise to uphold the highest of standards and always be there for you when you need us. To learn more about Plymate, and why a local company should be your first choice, contact us today!