Let Plymate Take the Wheel: Uniforms for Your Automotive Dealership

From your sales staff to your mechanics and automotive technicians, everyone at your automotive dealership deserves to look and feel their best. That’s why Plymate provides dealerships with custom, high-quality automotive uniform programs, designed specifically to fit the needs of everyone in your dealership.

Dress Shirts & Business Casual Uniforms

As the first point of contact at your dealership, it’s important that your sales staff and lot attendants have a uniform that makes them look professional and helps them stand out clearly to your customers. Whether polos and dress shirts or work pants, Plymate provides garments branded with your company’s colors and logo. We also offer licensed automotive uniform garments for major car brands including Ford, GM, and Chevrolet.

Mechanic Uniforms & Service Work Shirts

Having your automotive technicians in high-quality, functional, and good-looking uniforms is equally as important because they also serve as an extension of your brand. Having a recognizable and freshly pressed uniform for your technicians, mechanics, and service advisors will instill confidence in your dealership with every customer interaction.

Keep Your Dealership Looking Good Too

Did you know that we don’t just make your team look good, but we make your entire dealership look good, too? As the best commercial floor mat rental program in the greater Indianapolis area since 1930, we offer custom entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, and scraper mats that can all serve a purpose in the look and safety of your dealership.

And to help keep it clean, we offer comprehensive facility service programs to keep you stocked with the essentials including shop towels, soap, sanitizer, mops and more that will keep your dealership clean from the shop to the sales floor.

Are you ready to get started with a uniform rental or facility service program for your dealership? Contact us today!