Maintenance Uniforms Keep Your Team Safe & Compliant

Maintenance employees never shy away from tough work. Thanks to heavy-duty workwear from Plymate, you and your hard-working employees never have to be without the appropriate maintenance uniforms. Our uniform rental programs make it easy to outfit your entire team comfortable and protected. 

Flame Resistant (FR) Maintenance Uniforms

Businesses of all sizes rely on Plymate to provide their teams with safe, comfortable, and compliant maintenance uniforms.  Flame-resistant uniforms aren’t just for those who work with fire. They are also designed for employees who are exposed to electrical arc, flash fire, or even combustible dust explosion. Think of electricians, utility linemen, gas refinery workers, chemical processing workers, and more. 

Not only are safe uniforms extremely important to these professionals, but high-quality branded uniforms also promote your business and create community amongst your team. We carry a wide variety of flame resistant maintenance uniform shirts, flame resistant work pants, flame resistant coveralls, flame resistant lab coats, and a variety of additional garments to get the job done while and while keeping your team safe and comfortable. 

High Visibility Uniforms 

High Visibility garments are made with bright color fabrics. Such as yellow-green or orange to comply with ANSI 107 Standards. These uniforms help keep workers safe by alerting drivers of their presence by flashing back the light from their headlights. Which help drivers see workers easily day or night. Whether workers are building roads, working on electrical wiring projects late at night, or simply directing traffic, enhanced or high visibility garments keep employees visible at all times.

At Plymate, we value safety above all else. That’s why we’ve even gone as far as to outfit our service representatives in high visibility gear! When you see our team out servicing their customers, they’ll be easily distinguishable in their Plymate branded, high-vis uniforms.

Enhanced Visibility Uniforms

Enhanced visibility uniforms are perfect for low-risk industries like manufacturing facilities or shipping docks, but still need added visibility for safety. Compared to high visibility garments, enhanced visibility garments are not made with bright colored fabrics. Enhanced visibility uniforms are just that – garments that are enhanced with reflective tape around the chests or sleeves on maintenance uniform shirts and jackets, and around the lower leg on pants.

In addition, get all your maintenance or visibility uniform shirts and garments delivered on time, cleaned, and repaired through our Trak-Mate Advantage System. Take uniform safety seriously and contact us today to learn more.