At Plymate, we’re committed to keeping our customers healthy and safe. With COVID-19 continuing to impact workplaces, it’s never been more important to keep your workplace clean to protect your customers and employees. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of workplace essentials with everything you need to have a well-maintained workplace!

Cleaning solutions

Disinfecting solutions, from sanitizers to multi-use cleaners, are safe to use and effectively kill germs, viruses, and bacteria that enter your workplace.

Protective gear & products

Masks and fluid-resistant lab coats help to protect your employees on the job, while a fully-stocked first aid kit makes sure you’re prepared for any potential workplace injury or illness.

Cleanliness essentials

Plymate’s assortment of microfiber products are engineered for maximum cleaning effectiveness and long-lasting durability, while our disposable paper products make sure your restrooms are always stocked with the supplies your visitors need.

Mats & floor protection

Even mats can have a huge impract on the health of your workplace! From urinal mats to custome message floor mats, you can keep your floors clean while reminding your visitors and employees to wash their hands and social distance.

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Never be unprepared with a facility services program

We know that you have enough to do managing your business right now. Let Plymate take care of the hassle of keeping your supplies stocked with our facility services program. We deliver straight to your door regularly and monitor your supply levels so that you never run out of the workplace essentials you need. Contact our team to get started!