James T. Plymate Scholarship Award

The James T. Plymate Scholarship fund was created in 1997. Since its inception, Plymate has given out $40,000 in scholarship funds to the children, step children, and grandchildren of Plymate co-workers. Chosen by a third party not affiliated with Plymate, a student seeking post high school education is chosen based on grades, extracurricular’s, teacher and counselor recommendations, and an applicant’s essay. This year’s recipient is LilyAnn Gulley.

LilyAnn is a senior at Shelbyville High School; she plans to attend University of Indianapolis in the fall to pursue a degree in nursing – something her high school career has prepared her for. During her time at Shelbyville High School, LilyAnn has participated in extracurricular’s such as French Club, National Technical Honor Society, Volleyball, Tennis, Manager for the Boys Basketball Team, and is a member of St. Vincent’s Church. In addition to those time commitments, she has worked as an elementary volleyball official, basketball bookkeeper, a nanny, and interned at Major Hospital.

With several raving recommendations from her counselor and teachers, an excellent GPA, an impressive list of school and community involvement, and a very-well written essay, it is our honor and pleasure to award LilyAnn with the James T. Plymate Scholarship.

Lilyann is step daughter to Plymate’s Brad Barnard, District Manager, and daughter to Natalie Barnard.

Congratulations Lilyann!