Indiana Originals: The Perks of Being Local

We’ve always been proud to be a family owned business, established right here in Indiana in 1930. Being local is our story, and it’s shaped our values as a company, how we treat customers, and our communities.

Larger companies are often burdened by hierarchy, with only a few key voices and decision-makers at the top.  They’re often headquartered in another state, trying to build relationships from afar. But with local businesses, it’s all about community. Our co-workers at Plymate are empowered and entrusted to make decisions, and our customer service is relationship-driven and personal.

We’re an Indiana Original

This year, Plymate is proud to become a member of an organization called Indiana Originals, which helps Hoosiers to identify and support local businesses. Each member is Indiana owned, operated, and headquartered. Why is that important? Indiana Originals reveals: “Studies consistently show that independent businesses return three to five times more money to their local communities than chains based out of state.” When you seek out businesses close to home, you’re boosting your own community and contributing to a greater quality of life right where you are.

Here at Plymate, we love working with fellow local businesses. Whether it’s ordering food from local restaurants for our co-workers, hiring people who live in our communities or providing our services to another, doing business with Hoosiers is always a priority and pleasure.