Help! How Do I Change Uniform or Mat Providers?

Not all uniform and mat providers are created equal, and businesses often find themselves working with a vendor that isn’t quite meeting their needs. But the situation can be complicated—maybe they’re still operating under a contract with the vendor and can’t go elsewhere just yet. Or maybe the process of changing vendors feels daunting and difficult. 

We understand all of that! At Plymate, we help lots of customers—when the time is right— navigate through the process of changing vendors. In fact, we developed and perfected a plan to help make the transition as easy as possible for everyone involved. 

Doing the right thing is one of our core values here at Plymate. So when it comes to onboarding a new customer, the right thing is to make the process simple and straightforward. With that in mind, we created a five-step plan that makes switching a snap!

Changing Vendors: Here’s the Plan  

So how does it work, exactly? Well, at Plymate we invoke our 5 Star Action Plan to make the changeover process as smooth and painless as possible. Here’s a look at the steps we take when helping a client switch from using a prior vendor to Plymate:

1.Program Review and Confirmation

This is where we confirm the new garment or floor mat choices, determine storage and placement needs, frequency of service, and any additional special requirements. Essentially, we make sure we’re providing what the new client needs!

2. Prepare for Uniform Fitting 

Just like it sounds! We coordinate fittings for employees and send out the proper notifications. 

3. Uniform Fitting and Preparation for Initial Delivery 

We fit everyone for uniforms, review mat placements, and then hold either a Blue Folder (accounts involving uniforms) or Yellow Folder (accounts with floor mats only) organization meeting. These meetings include all parties—every last detail gets hammered out and the install date is set!

4. First Delivery

It’s all happening! Mats are delivered and uniforms are distributed. 

5. 5-Star Installation Review

30 day after installation, we conduct a follow-up review to make sure everything’s working as it should and address any concerns. 

When you have a proven plan, changing vendors transforms from an overwhelming process to an exciting new start! 

Thinking of putting Plymate in charge of your uniform rental program? Get in touch!