Guess Who’s Back?

This past weekend, our beloved MatMan returned to work. Easing him back into the world, he walked in the Morristown annual Derby Days Parade, passing out candy and high-fives to kids of all ages.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with MatMan, his legend started in 2000, a product of Y2K. As Indiana’s premier provider for floor mats, we felt that we needed a visual representation of our services. We also wanted to fulfill our mission of making the world a cleaner, safer, and better-looking place. Thus, MatMan was born. He’s been iconic within Plymate ever since but has also made himself recognizable to the Shelby County community and our customers.

Before his hiatus, MatMan could be found participating in many Mascot games, including those held at Butler University and Victory Field. He’s also been known to show up to the Indy 500 Kids Fest and Indianapolis Strawberry Festival from time to time.

His return to work will reintroduce him to our customers, but also to a new generation of the work force and kids. If you see MatMan out and about, make sure you stop and say hi!


MatMan at Derby Days in Morristown, IN