Getting Smart With: Safety

Safety First is more than just the catchy slogan we were taught when we were younger. It’s something that businesses practice when they place warning labels on their products; it’s something our teachers taught us when they told us not to run with the scissors; it’s what our parents instilled in us when they wouldn’t move the car until your seatbelt was on.

At Plymate, we take safety just as seriously. That’s why we were recently able to celebrate over 365 days without a lost-time accident.  How is that possible? It’s possible because we make safety a priority.

We do more than just slap posters up on the walls warning people to watch their step. We have an interactive safety training program headed up by a Safety Committee to ensure things are up to snuff according to OSHA and Plymate Standards.

Why is it important to create a safe work environment? It’s been proven that employees are often happier with a safer work environment. There’s less stress involved in their day to day jobs, and they often feel more valued. From an employers’ standpoint, a safe work environment means less time an employee is out with injury, less workers comp, and ultimately ensures less business cost.

Here are some ways we ensure a safe work environment that helped us achieve 365 days without a lost-time accident:

  1. Create a Safety Committee!
    1. The committee should be comprised of employees from all departments and levels of the business
  2. Conduct regular safety checks
  3. Have all new hires complete an extensive safety training course specific to their role
  4. Identify potential hazards within the facility, such as new equipment or building Expansion areas
  5. Enforce safe driving practices to anyone driving a company car
    1. All of our service vehicles have an in cab coaching system called InThinc which helps coach safe driving practices
  6. Investigate all accidents to see what could have been done to prevent it and what can be changed to prevent future accidents