In 2020, Plymate introduced First Aid cabinet services, followed by the launch of AEDs in 2023. This strategic move allows our customers to work with a single provider for their uniform, facility, and now first aid requirements.

Why should people partner with Plymate for their First Aid/AED needs?

Our flat and predictable billing for these services provides added value and transparency, allowing businesses to budget effectively for their safety OSHA requirements throughout the year.

Looking ahead, Plymate’s First Aid and AED services will continue to play a vital role in ensuring workplace safety and convenience for our customers.

Plymate started First Aid and AED’s due to a customer need. It was based on their frustration with providers, cost, and service. We offer flat rates to their established invoices and make the payment process easy,” said Brandon Pierce, Plymate Customer Service Rep.

I recommend Plymate for your 1st aid/AED service for the price, the service, and the ease. We don’t fill the cabinets to meet a specific monetary goal of each cabinet, in order to fill our pockets. We fill the cabinets for your needs, at a low weekly flat rate, that doesn’t change if I fill the entire cabinet, or none at all. Same goes for AED’s it’s a flat rate service that doesn’t change, and is on the same invoice as mentioned above,” Pierce said.

A Team Effort

Our route reps have been instrumental in promoting AEDs and first aid services. Their established relationships with customers and proactive approach to addressing their needs have contributed to the success of these offerings.

Customers know and trust our service team, so the more we can offer them while still maintaining our service standards, the better their experience will be and the better Plymate will fair in the marketplace,” said Nate Dilley, Plymate Service Director.

As we strive to meet OSHA standards and exceed customer expectations, these services reinforce our commitment to excellence and innovation in service delivery. We will continue to keep our customer needs at the forefront of everything we do.

The model for both First Aid and AED services aligns well with our current service model and allows our customers the opportunity to work with a single provider for their uniform, facility and first aid needs,” Dilley said. “In addition to having a single source provider, flat/predictable billing for First Aid and AED services is an added benefit to our customers.  Who wouldn’t like to be able to know what their First Aid spend is going to be for the year?


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