Family-Owned and Locally-Operated, Always

In the uniform industry, there are bigger, national companies and smaller, locally-owned and operated ones like Plymate. The ways in which they operate are completely different, and for us, makes our dedication to remaining a family business even stronger. We’re a fourth-generation operation and we’ll remain that way for decades to come! We have solidified ourselves as an independent and trusted uniform and mat supplier and believe that being a local company is truly what sets us apart.

Customer-First Service Style

At the end of the day, Plymate and its team is local, making us easy to contact, easy to trust, and easy to support. There’s something to be said for an organization that understands the needs of its customers, knows the lifestyle of their communities, and can relate to their everyday experiences. We’re built on familial values and those traits are what allow us to focus on friendliness, support, and dedication to tackling the problems at hand. And these things happen for us organically. It’s truly in the fabric of our company to help. Whether it’s with uniforms and mats, or towels and janitorial services, we’ve built a company that separates itself from the competition.

Transparency Over Tricks

We are so proud to offer some of the best and most well-rounded uniform and mat rental programs in the Midwest, and part of that lies in our complete transparency. We’re not here to take advantage of our clients or leave them with a program that doesn’t meet their needs. Instead, we do whatever we can to build a program that works for you and your employees. We provide fair pricing with no hidden fees, and keep everything as clear and understandable as possible. Rental programs are meant to make your lives easier, not create more of a hassle, and with Plymate’s openness and honesty—two of the driving characteristics behind our business—you never have to second guess how decisions are made or what the motivations behind them might be. You come first at Plymate.

From 1930 to Now, Uniform and Mat Rental Programs are Meant to Help You

Glenn Plymate founded our business in 1930, and those early 20th century values have carried into the present day. When it comes down to it, the Plymate name is a family one, and we’re committed to continuing to carry on its reputation for being a trusted and service-oriented uniform and mat supplier throughout Indiana. We’re in our fourth-generation of the Plymate family, and we continue to take the steps necessary to ensure that we stay there. You’ll never have to worry about any big changes to our leadership and the ways we run our business—they’ve paid off for decades and we have no intentions of losing the things that help our business thrive, like family, trust, support, inclusion, and dedication.

With strong community relationships and the best quality and service you can find, a locally-operated and family-owned business should be your first choice. We’d love to share with you all of the ways we can improve your day-to-day business experiences! Please reach out to us today for more information, and if you’re ready to work with a company that puts you first, we can’t wait to meet you.