Customer Spotlight: Avon Community Schools

90 years in business has taught us several invaluable lessons on customer relationships within the variety of markets we service: manufacturing, auto, municipalities, government, healthcare, and education to name a few. As Central Indiana’s premiere uniform and floor mat provider, we’ve learned what industries are a good fit for not only Plymate, but for prospects as well.

One market segment that we do particularly well? Education. Plymate is currently servicing over 25 different school districts and higher education institutions in Central Indiana. Why is this? We understand the chain of command that often accompanies working with a school district, and do what we can to explain our program in detail to all those involved in the decision-making process – even if this means attending a school board meeting.

Decision makers and weekly customer key contacts both share that they appreciate the fact that Plymate Service Representatives are empowered to answer questions and make decisions, so any issue is handled quickly, and in most cases, on the spot. For school personnel, this is an important quality when choosing vendors as their day-to-day job is to focus on their students rather than managing their vendors.

A Valued Partnership

A year ago, Plymate was awarded a contract with Avon Community Schools. Our contact, Sarah Hendrick, provided us a list of reasons why they chose Plymate after failed relationships with two national companies:

  • Plymate’s sales representative was very professional, comprehensive, and delivered on every promise and time commitment made throughout the sales process.
  • Plymate’s owners were directly involved in working towards earning the business.
  • With almost 20 years of Plymate tenure under his belt, Plymate’ Sales Manager added an unprecedented level of experience and expertise.

Making Good on Our Promises…

After a year of Plymate’s services, Sarah was able to share just how Plymate has differed from their past providers.

  • Their weekly Service Representative, Mike Lewis, always follows up timely, and has an incredible support team back in our offices who can help resolve issues before Mike even returns for the day!
  • Mike takes pride in all he does. He provided detailed documentation and follow up phone calls as needed (which has been needed on very rare occasions!)
  • Plymate has shown that they truly value and respect their customers and co-workers, and conducts their business with honesty and quality at the forefront.

Our Partners….

MSD Washington Township, MSD Lawrence Township, Eastern Hancock, Hamilton Southeastern, Rush County School Corporation, Clark Pleasant, Zionsville Schools, Shelbyville Central Schools, Cathedral High School, Ivy Tech, IUPUI, and Franklin College.

We value our relationship with our customers, and we appreciate their feedback of Plymate being a valued and trustworthy partner.