Customer-Friendly Contract? Yes, It’s a Real Thing at Plymate

Uniform and floor mat rental services historically require a legal agreement between company and customer. The contract, in theory, is a two-way agreement to the benefit of both parties. But what we normally discover throughout the industry is the unfortunate truth: most providers don’t offer a customer-friendly contract.

In fact, far from it. 

Common Contract Complaints 

The number one complaint? Feeling trapped! Customers experience frustration when they feel stuck in a contract they’re not happy with or bound to uncomfortable terms. There may be little or no recourse when a service provider makes mistakes or doesn’t deliver on everything they’ve promised, which compounds when the customer is locked into a predetermined number of years using services that may be falling short of expectations. 

The Plymate Promise 

It’s simple: if you’re not happy, you can walk away. We don’t want anyone feeling trapped or uncomfortable, and that’s why we offer the most customer-friendly contract in the industry. We do it because we’re confident in our level of service and ability to exceed expectations. How? At Plymate, we have a remarkably high customer retention rate, which tells us we’re doing the right thing in the eyes of the people we serve. When we come to the table to sign an agreement with a customer, we put our promise—our guarantee—in writing. 

If a customer has a concern that we’re unable to resolve to their satisfaction after 30 days, then we will: 

  • Cancel your services with Plymate 
  • Refund your last month’s rental fees in full
  • Pay the first month’s rental fees with a new provider

It’s as simple as that. We pull our guarantee clause out of the contract and provide it to customers separately. This is a document our CEO Todd Plymate signs, providing our step-by-step commitment to each customer. We believe wholeheartedly in our ability to honor our word and provide a level of service that keeps our customers satisfied. Don’t take risks with a provider! We see our Plymate Promise as a risk-free offer on our end, and a risk-free commitment for our customers.