Customer Experience: Endangered Species Chocolate

Our commitment to a great customer experience hasn’t wavered since our founding in 1930. Since then, we’ve been fortunate to provide our uniform and mat rental services to countless customers who take as much pride in their business as we do in ours here at Plymate. Our technology and processes have improved quite a bit since then, but one thing hasn’t—our desire to create meaningful relationships with the people we serve.

Endangered SpeciesEndangered Species logo

Speaking of meaningful relationships, Endangered Species has been an excellent partner and advocate for Plymate the last four years. They’ve used our uniform, mat, and microfiber towel services since then, and we love that they’re a local company with a deep commitment to quality. It shows in every aspect of their product (chocolate!) as well as their mission and motivation.

This month, we sat down with Brent Robinson, Operations Manager and Shelby Troyer, Quality Manager. We had a chance to talk with them about their own customer experience, gaining valuable insight into what’s made a difference from their perspective.

Why They Chose Plymate

When it was time to search for a uniform and mat provider, what made Plymate stand out? For them, it was a combination of factors.

We’re locally owned.
Like Endangered Species, we’re a local company. We’re able to provide a level of attention and attunement that can be a struggle for larger companies. Before partnering with us, they were able to talk with others who use our services and references they trusted.

We’re honest and transparent.
As they got to know and understand Plymate through the sales process, they were reassured by these values. They appreciated our low-pressure approach and fair billing practices.

We support and reinforce their values.
For a company that’s known for fair and ethical practices, it was very important for them to find a partner that would be an extension of the same values. We’ve been happy to provide them with a customized laundering process free from chemicals containing perfumes. We wash their towels separately from other customers’ to avoid any cross contamination, and clean their uniforms to SFQ standards. (They even earned the 2019 Food Safety Quality Award)

It’s a pleasure to build relationships with such wonderful customers and gain further insight into their own customer experience!

P.S. Sweet tooth? You can find Endangered Species chocolate bars at Kroger, Whole Foods, Fresh Thyme, Target, Meijer, and CVS!