Core Values in Action: Do It Better

As the new year gets underway, it’s important to reflect on the way we serve our customers. At Plymate, one of the measures we use to determine our success in this area is found within another of our core values: do it better. When we think about the floor mat and uniform rental services we provide, we’re always pushing to do better.

And this begs the question: better than whom?

First, we want to provide services that are better than our competitors’. We realize there are other providers of uniform and floor mat rentals, and we strive to be the best option to meet our customers’ needs. We also work to “do it better” than ourselves—than the Plymate of yesterday. This means continually evaluating and improving our services, our technology, and our approach to ensure the best customer experience possible. In 2019, we want to do it better than ever before!

Illustrating the Value

We’re serious about doing it better, and we’ve developed systems to help that happen. Here’s a glimpse at a few of them:

Our Trak-Mate Advantage System is the magic behind our uniform services. Each garment has a unique Trak-Mate chip so we can track it from the time it arrives at Plymate and goes through the laundering process until it’s returned to the customer—right on schedule.

We rely on customized chemistry and laundering methods. Our chemist monitors 32 custom formulas we use based on garment makeup and soil composition. Plus, our wash cycle is longer than our competitors’ cycles. We give your garments extra attention to ensure they come out cleaner than ever.

The Plymate Repair app provides customers with a quick and easy way to tell us when a particular garment needs a repair…all at the touch of your fingertips!

We’re proud of our 97% customer retention rate year after year. It’s one of the signs we’re pointing in the right direction here at Plymate and upholding our value of doing it better.