Core Values in Action: Co-Workers Make the Difference

As a company, we’ve identified a handful of core values.

Plymate has grown a lot since our founding in 1930. There are many day-to-day decisions we make to keep our uniform and mat rental services running efficiently. For us, having a foundation of core values—those things that matter most—helps guide all our smaller decisions and stay focused on the bigger picture. Our team here at Plymate exercises our values often. We wanted to share a few stories that give a little more context and meaning to each of them!

Illustrating the Value: Co-Workers Make the Difference

The final months of the year can be tough because many of our team members are working around holidays, vacations, and sometimes illnesses. This is especially challenging for our service department. Fortunately, we have three layers of service reps that makes sure our customers get their deliveries exactly as scheduled:

  1. Service Rep

  2. Route Specialist

  3. District Manager

Service Representative Dan Schantz was out on a scheduled and approved PTO. His District Manager was out resting after a recent surgery. And so the Route Specialist was running Dan’s route …with the flu.

The Route Specialist was (understandably!) struggling to finish the delivery route, and so our service manager needed to put together a plan to service customers on time. Knowing that our customers needed their deliveries and our service team was in need, Dan came in the next day—on his vacation time—to allow our Route Specialist a full day to recover and do the right thing by our customers. Dan received a silver coin for this act, as a display of our deep appreciation.

Our co-workers go above and beyond not only for our customers, but also for their team and friends, too. We’re proud of the team we have here at Plymate because they show us all the time with their actions why our co-workers make a difference in the work environment.