Co-Workers of the Quarter

As a family-owned and operated business, we take pride in having built a team that works together and supports one another. Each quarter, we recognize a Co-Worker of the Quarter—someone who works hard, tackles challenges, and puts forth their best efforts, all in the name of Plymate! And this month, we’re excited to honor two of our amazing team members: Dusty Stevens and Kenny Palmer.

As Route Specialists, Dusty and Kenny spend their days in a pretty difficult role, working to be effective as route representatives, but behind the scenes and without much of the recognition. A route specialist is largely responsible for helping our representatives do their jobs well, and they’re truly an integral part of the client-facing team at Plymate.

But the recognition Dusty and Kenny are receiving this month is for more than their traditional Route Specialist duties. These men have both jumped in to learn new routes, without being tasked with the job, in order to help out after being down a team member. They’ve each spent countless extra hours at the shop to debrief with other team members and prepare for the weeks ahead, and both have been instrumental in our upcoming route changes. It’s this exact initiative that makes Plymate employees so great.

A couple of our core values are do the right thing, and do it better, and we can think of no better example than Dusty and Kenny stepping up, working together, and helping Plymate being the most trusted uniform and mat provider in the state of Indiana. Congratulations to Dusty Stevens and Kenny Palmer, your Plymate Co-Workers of the Quarter!

Glenn Plymate Award Winner

We would also like to congratulate our HR manager, Katie Rowland, for receiving the Glenn Plymate Award! This is given in recognition of outstanding contributions toward Plymate’s pursuit of excellence, and Katie certainly deserves it! She works hard to stay on top of HR policies, strategies, and practices, goes above and beyond each day, and represents Plymate with the utmost professionalism. As the current president of Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, Katie’s expertise follows her in all her endeavors, and we’re proud to have her as a part of the Plymate team! Congratulations, Katie!