Co-Worker of the Quarter

As an independently and family-owned organization, we make employee recognition and support a driving factor in the success of our business.

None of our achievements come without the hard work of our team members. Every quarter, we look at all our team members’ successes and choose a Co-Worker of the Quarter to highlight! It’s one of our favorite traditions and something we look forward to every few months. This honor is awarded to employees who work hard, tackle challenges, and put forth their best efforts, all in the name of Plymate. This quarter, we’re proud to recognize Brandon Phillips.

Brandon is professional, patient, thorough, and easy going. He owns his route and knows its ins and outs. As a great communicator who isn’t afraid to ask questions, he’s consistently adored by his customers. Brandon is always willing to help out around the Plymate facility and has an amazing work ethic. He’s a very special part of the service representative team and we are so lucky to have him with us here at Plymate.

Congratulations to Brandon, our Plymate Co-Worker of the Quarter!