Co-Worker of the Quarter: Meet Jessica Palmer 

At Plymate, we love holding our quarterly meetings. It’s a gathering we always look forward to, for a couple of different reasons. First, it gives us a chance to exercise our core value of communication, which we find to be invaluable to our ongoing health as a company. And second, it’s an opportunity to celebrate the people at Plymate who exemplify another of our values—doing the right thing. 

Congratulations to Jessica! 

We were able to honor our latest Co-Worker of the Quarter at our recent quarterly meeting, which is Jessica Palmer! Jessica’s been with Plymate almost nine years, beginning her career in uniform production in the sort and tunnel areas. She helped out during a particularly busy time for our Corporate Apparel team. Because she did such an incredible job, she became a full-time part of our CAS team in 2014. Now she helps at off-site sales and controlling the flow through the production process. 

Jessica has so many of the qualities we admire in our coworkers. From her unbelievable attention to detail to her genuine desire to put out a quality product, her work ethic shines through in all she does. It is our pleasure to recognize her this quarter and her contribution to the success CAS has seen these last several years. 

A Special Celebration 

During our first meeting of each year, we always spend some time reflecting on the previous year and creating new objectives for the next. In addition, this is a particularly exciting year for us because we hit our 90th anniversary as a company! We were happy to mark the milestone with cake and champagne, celebrating how far we’ve come and the people who help us get here. 

Thanks to our Co-Worker of the Quarter and everyone who makes up the company. They all work very hard for each other and our customers! We’re excited to see what 2020 has in store for Plymate.