Since 1989, Plymate has upheld a tradition of honoring its exceptional team members through the annual Plymate Banquet. This event serves as a cornerstone of our company culture, providing a platform to recognize and celebrate the hard work, dedication, and achievements of our coworkers.

Origin Story of the Plymate Banquet

The idea for the Plymate Banquet was sparked by our Office Manager at the time, who advocated for a formal event to honor our coworkers. Recognizing the need for a more structured approach to employee appreciation, we embraced the concept wholeheartedly. Thus, the Plymate Banquet was born, becoming an annual tradition that has endured for over three decades.

The Glenn Plymate Award

However, the heart of the Plymate Banquet lies in the prestigious Glenn Plymate Award, named in honor of our company’s founder.

Glenn built this business on service excellence, and he knew that the best way to achieve this standard was to treat employees with respect and recognize them for their contributions,” said Todd Plymate.

Each year, the Glenn Plymate Award is bestowed upon a deserving individual who embodies the values of dedication, integrity, and outstanding service. Past winners, including luminaries like Tony McClain, Billy Cole, and Cindy Killey, have left an indelible mark on Plymate’s history with their exemplary work ethic and unwavering commitment.

See our full list of past winners:

2023-Tony Mcclain

2022-Billy Cole

2021-Cindy Killey

2019-Katie Rowland

2018-Ashley Brown

2017-David Zobel

2016-Tim Sweet

2015-Steve Ferguson

2014-Dave Cox

2013-Beth McClain

2012-Andy Smith

Feedback from attendees of the Plymate Banquet has been overwhelmingly positive, with many expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be recognized and celebrated among their peers. For some, receiving their 25-year service award has been a deeply emotional moment, highlighting the profound impact of the Plymate family atmosphere.

We’ve had Service Reps break into tears upon receiving their 25-year award. A few years back the current years’ Glenn Plymate award winner told me that he had always dreamed of being selected but never thought it would really happen. Countless times spouses have commented on the family-like atmosphere.  This year a spouse pulled me aside to say that we really have a good thing going here. Co-workers are clearly engaged at Plymate whereas they may have felt like just another number at their previous jobs,” said Todd Plymate.

Katie, a valued member of our Human Resources team, emphasizes the importance of recognizing coworkers for their years of service, “its one of the best ways we show appreciation. It is also essential in retaining great coworkers. We put a lot of time and thought into how we recognize Plymate coworkers, but specifically for the Annual Awards Banquet.”

The Plymate Banquet and the Glenn Plymate Award are not just annual events; they are symbols of our unwavering commitment to recognizing and celebrating the exceptional contributions of our coworkers.

Through these traditions, we honor our past, celebrate our present, and inspire our future. Here’s to many more years of excellence at Plymate!