A Day in the Life of Our Service Reps

Have you ever wondered about your Service Representatives day-to-day life here at Plymate? Have you wondered how early they have to get up, or how many stops they make in a day? Well we asked one of our District Manager’s to give us his diary entry after he spent a few days on a route while his service rep was out on vacation. Here’s what he told us:

  1. Get coffee/breakfast and get amped up for a great day ahead! Service reps get to work anywhere between 4-6am, depending on their route for the day.
  2. Upload all invoices onto handheld – we use these for customers to sign after service, as well as to make any impromptu changes needed while servicing
  3. Get started on the route. Most Service Reps have 20-30 customers to service per day. Did you know? We actually have separate mat and uniform routes to help with load optimization and product knowledge/specialization to benefit our customers.
    1. Sometimes you will see your Service Rep with a ‘helper’ – this is likely their District Manager or Route Specialist, both dedicated to getting to know the lay of the land as well as our customers on a personal level, so that service is seamless when your Rep is out enjoying a vacation day.
  4. Deliver clean and accurate product at each customer. When finished, we make sure to seek out our key contact to discuss any needed changes or opportunities to better serve their needs and thank them for their business.
    1. Our service representatives have e-mail access on their phones and try to respond same day, but we also have a Service Support team (Service Rep manager included) from whom customers may receive email replies from. Because there is a support team who has access to inbound e-mails, and we can quickly respond with an answer or solution while the Service Rep is finishing route that day!
  5. Service Rep makes their way back to Shelbyville (our home turf), fuels up, then unloads soil at 1 of 2 separate processing facilities.
    1. Mats and uniforms/towels are cleaned in 2 different buildings to prevent cross-contamination and to maintain product quality & operational efficiencies
  6. Your Service Rep then loads all product and organizes truck for the following route day. We are thankful for our 30+ Production Team Members who work all day to get product washed, bundled and ready to load!
  7. Final step is completing paperwork (program changes, new uniform wearer orders, etc.) and responding to calls/e-mails as needed from that day, as well as circling up with our in-house Service Support Team to button-up loose ends before heading home to spend time with family & friends.


Life in the day of a Plymate Service Rep is hard work, but our customers make it all worthwhile and rewarding! We are thankful for the relationship we have built with our customers over the years, and we are proud of how our Service Team represents Plymate out in the world!


Written in collaboration with District Manager, Ben Warnecke.