A Better Bathroom: Our Facility Services

In addition to uniform and mat rentals, Plymate provides facility services to our customers that help their business run smoothly and efficiently. An example? Restrooms!

Indeed, restrooms are a part of every facility. And proper upkeep and stocking takes time. Plymate manages convenient facility services programs for our customers that includes unique branding, reliable delivery, and the very best products on the market. No more struggling to manage inventory and space from stockpiles of product. There’s a program for that!

We’ve recently partnered with RL Williams to bring our customers the best experience possible and ensure a healthy, clean, and comfortable workplace. The Plymate + RL Williams relationship is one that works beautifully, if we do say so ourselves. Here’s why:

We get each other.

Like Plymate, R.L. Williams is a family-owned business that shares similar values. Both believe in providing exceptional products, both believe in emphasizing outstanding customer service, and both believe in finding solutions that make sense for customers. Plus, we share best practices with each other in order to customize our programs. This is a benefit for everyone involved!

They know what customers want.

RL Williams designs products to meet customer needs and current market trends. Their branded line of products allows customers to proudly display their own brand rather than promote the brands of the manufacturers. The end result is an improved, unique, customized look in the restroom versus the cookie-cutter look from the competition.

They help us provide our customers the very best.

Restroom appearance and hygiene are extremely important for Plymate’s customers and prospects. This new facility service program provides a fresh, clean, and updated look. Think custom messaging and branding on dispensers, and a completely personalized aesthetic. Customers receive Plymate’s great customer service, along with new restroom products and programs designed exclusively for them. With a trusted program in place, customers are free to focus on their business.