25 Years of Plymate History with Jerry Moore

The Plymate family is blessed to congratulate Jerry Moore on his retirement after 25 years of hard work and excellent service on our team! Jerry will be greatly missed but we remain proud of all that he has accomplished in his time here. As a team, we want to take a moment to highlight his story and celebrate his accomplishments!

It Started with a Chance Water Delivery Meeting

Before coming to Plymate, Jerry worked as a manager for a bottled water delivery company. Whenever one of his team members would use their paid time off, Jerry would hop in and run routes for them! By a stroke of luck, Jerry delivered to Tracy Plymate Holt one day, 25 and a half years ago. After meeting, Tracy later recruited Jerry to join the team right from her driveway! She was so impressed with Jerry that he came in for an interview with the team and he accepted a job with us in April of 1996.

From Service Manager to Account Executive

Jerry started with us as a Service Manager where he would work for his first 8 years at the company. In July of 2004, we asked him to consider moving into the Sales Department because in his several years as a Service Manager, he displayed all the characteristics of what we believed would make a great Account Executive. And boy, we were correct! Jerry would spend the next 17 years in this position and continue to blow us away with his hard work.

One of Our Most Decorated & Respected Employees

In 2008, Plymate began recognizing Account Executives for Quarterly Gold and Platinum performance, Jerry has achieved one of these in more than half of all performance periods. Jerry quickly became the most decorated Account Executive we have ever had on our staff! On our team, Jerry consistently delivered new business clients to Plymate through his hard work, professional persistence, strategic approach, and ethical behavior. Like these new customers, we always knew that we could count on Jerry to follow through on his promises!

Jerry Moore Retirement Cake

Congratulations On Your Retirement, Jerry!

We could not be more grateful that we were able to have Jerry as a central part of our team for the last 25 years. In the many years that Jerry has been with us, he has made a tremendous impact on not only the company but the lives of many coworkers, customers, and community members. As hard as it is to watch him retire, we are so happy to watch him enjoy his retirement!