Plymate Attends TRSA Indiana Legislative Conference

Plymate is a member of TRSA, a group representing companies that supply, launder, and maintain linens and uniforms.

Recently, TRSA sponsored an event at the Indiana Statehouse—the inaugural Indiana Legislative Conference.

Todd Plymate, Ben Warnecke, and Tim Uhlmansiek all attended the event as part of a joint effort to advocate on behalf of the industry in regards to upcoming legislation.

Conference Goals

The primary goal of the conference was to introduce state legislators to the industry, as well as our respective companies within TRSA. The industry is currently facing an unjust tax increase due to the misclassification of linens, uniforms, and miscellaneous facility service products.

The TRSA delegation spoke with more than 30 state officials, voicing the impact this measure would have on various plants across the state.

Thanks to the efforts of the group, new language will be considered for upcoming legislation to make sure linens and uniforms won’t be taxed as personal property. It was wonderful to be part of this effort to advocate on behalf of our industry, and be heard by our lawmakers.