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Customer Spotlight: Avon Community Schools

90 years in business has taught us several invaluable lessons on customer relationships within the variety of markets we service: manufacturing, auto, municipalities, government, healthcare, and education to name a few. As Central Indiana’s premiere uniform and floor mat provider, we’ve learned what industries are a good fit for not only Plymate, but for prospects […]

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Plymate VS Our Competitors

Plymate does things a little differently than our competitors when it comes to customer service agreements. We treat our customers like people—not dollar signs. Our sales and service staff are up front in explaining the components of our service agreements. We don’t use tactics like automatic renewal without prior consent, and we don’t accept just any […]

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Check It Out!

Imagine a 4th Generation family owned textile rental service company that is focused on trustworthy, personalized care, and built on employing the latest technology to maximize efficiency and effectiveness. Consider the customer service and sales professionals talking to customers and prospects and, often, directing them to the company website… a site that was perfectly fine […]

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