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We’re Here, Indiana

We might not be the first industry you think about We might not be the ones who make the news We might not be the most glamorous You might not even know we exist But we’re here Working every day Washing every day Driving every day Delivering every day Servicing every day Helping every day […]

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Build a Better Team: Job Shadowing at Plymate

Here at Plymate, we’ve found that our team works better when we all understand each of the roles within the company. More than understanding, experiencing each of the roles helps us to know exactly what it’s like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. That’s why at Plymate, part of our onboarding process is […]

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Open Door Policy: 3 Key Benefits

As an organization, Plymate prioritizes open lines of communication. So much so, that we’ve named it as one of the core values we keep at the center of our identity. We are a floor mat and uniform rental company, of course. But to be any good at our job, we have to be effective listeners […]

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