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We’re Here, Indiana

We might not be the first industry you think about We might not be the ones who make the news We might not be the most glamorous You might not even know we exist But we’re here Working every day Washing every day Driving every day Delivering every day Servicing every day Helping every day […]

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A Day in the Life of Our Service Reps

Have you ever wondered about your Service Representatives day-to-day life here at Plymate? Have you wondered how early they have to get up, or how many stops they make in a day? Well we asked one of our District Manager’s to give us his diary entry after he spent a few days on a route […]

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Safety Is Not Automatic– Think About It

To our customers, the face of Plymate is our Service Representatives. Their customer service skills, training, efficiency and safety are key to the success of Plymate. Due to the nature of the job, these coworkers are largely unsupervised for the bulk of the day, so in addition to extensive and on-going training, Plymate has implemented […]

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