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Co-Worker of the Quarter: Meet Jessica Palmer

At Plymate, we love holding our quarterly meetings. It’s a gathering we always look forward to, for a couple of different reasons. First, it gives us a chance to exercise our core value of communication, which we find to be invaluable to our ongoing health as a company. And second, it’s an opportunity to celebrate […]

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Co-Worker of the Quarter: Meet Lori Burnett

One of our longstanding traditions here at Plymate is to recognize a co-worker for their service at each of our quarterly meetings. At our most recent gathering, Lori Burnett received our newest Co-Worker of the Quarter award. The honor is so well-deserved! Lori is one of our wonderful Service Coordinators, working at Plymate since 2015. […]

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Co-worker of the Quarter: Meet Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher is Plymate’s Q2 outstanding co-worker, and we’re thrilled to present him with this honor! Eric’s been with us since 2014 and embodies our belief that co-workers make the difference in our company each and every day. A team player, Eric frequently helps others by showing up to help other Service Representatives with tasks […]

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