Apparel Sales

Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, rental service is not the right answer for your business, but you need a clothing program as part of your benefit and branding efforts. Plymate’s Corporate Apparel Division was developed for companies that have a commitment to providing work apparel, and who don’t want to spend hours managing it.

First of all, we are experts at clothing, so we will help you select the best items. Then we will use our proprietary management system to make the process run smoothly. By maintaining a complete database of your orders, we can give you:

  • Order history including wearer name, size color and style
  • Orders sorted and ready to distribute to the right individual
  • On-line ordering through your own company store
  • Access to leading styles and brands
  • A complete selection from corporate casual to protective apparel and uniforms from leading manufacturers

"I wanted to take the time to thank you and all of the other team members at Plymate. Since I have taken over the uniform ordering for our company in June, it has been a pleasure working with you. There have been many times when I needed uniforms delivered outside of the regular delivery schedule and you were there to help. The other products that you have introduced to meet our needs have also been outstanding."
- Kim Koepfer, Deem Mechanical and Electrical

"...the ordering was so simple, fast and organized that it was a breeze. When we opened the final order and saw everything so neatly bagged, sorted and labeled; we were thrilled at how fast we were able to distribute it."
- Janet Moritz, Visit Indy

"Everything they do revolves around flexibility in order to give us the service we need. Our relationship isn't so much about supplier / customer. They have come alongside us to the point where we are a team."
- Clayton Edens, IUPUI, Campus Facility