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Doing Our Part To Help


The end of summer 2017 was a trying time for some of our fellow Americans. As we all know, 3 hurricanes hit 3 different American locations in as many months. Here in Indiana, we know the destruction a tornado can cause, and can only imagine the devastation of a massive hurricane. Our hearts were, and still are, hurting for our friends, family, and fellow citizens in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico who lost everything.

In an effort to help, our co-workers organized a pitch-in lunch to benefit the hurricane victims. Homemade goodies and meals were donated and sold to other co-workers for the cause. Between purchased goodies and a 3-to-1 matched donation by Plymate, Inc., we were able to give a sizable donation to the Red Cross. This is in addition to individual donations made to various organizations throughout surrounding counties, whether those donations were monetary or physical.

We would also like to take a moment to recognize one of our peers, Ace Image Wear, who has a location in Texas that was affected by Hurricane Harvey. A donation by Plymate was also made to help them with their rebuilding process.

Many in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida are still in need. If you feel compelled, please consider donating to download

Thank you to our co-workers and Plymate, Inc. family who helped our fellow Americans in their time of need. You are what makes Plymate the company that it is today.