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Essential Steps Towards a Greener Planet






Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!

Our industry is inherently green. Professionally maintaining and recycling textile products such as uniforms, floor mats, mops, and towels on a week to week basis helps us keep these products out of landfills as long as possible.

Plymate has implemented several “green” best practices in addition to our already green industry. With Earth Day approaching this weekend, we thought we’d share a few ways we help preserve our planet:

  • Recycle Garments
  • Reuse hangers and recycle damaged hangers
  • Recycle all paper, plastic, and ink cartridges
  • Reclaim heat from our water used in processing
  • We use environmentally friendly detergents.
  • We continuously evaluate the routing of our service vehicles in order to minimize our miles and therefore our carbon footprint by using a state of the art Inthinc GPS system.
  • Our production team works four 10-hour days versus five 8-hour days, which results in considerable reduction in gas and electric.
  • We sell products made from recycled material.

We’re doing everything we can to protect our planet, and we hope our commitment to being green inspires you and your company to think green also!

Our Epic Formula to Success: Part 2




One of the luxuries of being an independent company is being able to make decisions internally. Apart from deciding on technological and capital investments, we also get to decide how we want to give back to the community that gives so much to us.

Shelby County United Fund For You (SCUFFY) is one of our greatest community commitments.

SCUFFY is the annual United Way campaign that helps raise funds so that local non-profit agencies can operate and serve county residents throughout the year. All monies raised/donated stay in Shelby County. This is also one of the most successful United Way campaigns in the Midwest, if not, the entire United States. In the 2017 SCUFFY drive, Plymate was able to donate over $15,000 from co-worker contributions and a Plymate match!

This year’s drive has a goal of $830,000 which Plymate plans to help reach by raising our goal to $15,500. Our co-workers are able to contribute by participating in jeans week (wear jeans for $5 a day!), purchasing a SCUFFY lunch put on by volunteers here at Plymate, payroll deductions, and general donations.

Next month, our leadership team will spend the day volunteering to paint at some of the non-profit buildings who benefit from SCUFFY. We look forward to giving back to SCUFFY each year and are thankful to our co-workers who believe in SCUFFY as much as we do.

If you would like to make a donation to SCUFFY, please visit:


Our Epic Formula to Success: Part 1


Plymate has 3 national competitors and even fewer statewide competitors. So, what have we done to stay in business for 87 years against the national suppliers? We’ve continuously invested in our company, our people, our technology, and our training.

Earlier this month, we invested in two of our key managers by sending them to a training trip in Orlando, FL. Our Sales Manager, Kevin Bunch, and Director of Service, Tim Uhlmansiek, spent a couple of days sharing best ideas and learning Customer Onboarding practices. They also had the chance to tour the Disney World Linen Laundry.

Plymate is a member of a sales management group, the CSC Smart Group, and service management group, SECURE Group—all members are independently owned uniform/linen/mat service companies—no national suppliers allowed.

Aligning ourselves in peer networking groups like this has allowed us to be the leading Indiana Independent company for over 87 years. This investment will continue to help us grow at the exceptional pace we are growing accustomed to.


Quick Guide: Visibility Garments


A new year means new goals. Our last blog of 2017 talked about our accomplishments as an organization from a safety perspective. We celebrated over 100 days without a lost-time accident, which is a huge feat in our industry. We are incredibly proud of our safety program here at Plymate and hope to extend that no-lost time record this year, and we want to arm you with the tools to reach your safety goals too.

Last year we made the decision to stock 5 different styles of visibility garments in order to serve our customers better. Having worked closely with utility services, trash collection crews, roadway construction, warehouses, factories, and wrecker services, we know the importance of adhering to ANSI regulated classes for your uniforms to protect your co-workers and business.
Do you know your classification?

Type O, Class 1
Parking/Service Location Workers
Oil & Gas extraction Workers

Type R, Class 2
Forestry Operations
Ship Cargo Loading Operations
Roadway Construction
Utility and railway workers
School crossing guards
Delivery vehicle drivers
High-volume parking and toll gate personnel
Trash collection and recycling operations

Type R, Class 3
Roadway Construction personnel and flaggers
Utility Workers
Survey Crews
Type P, Class 2 & 3
Police Officers
Fire Responders

We get it—image matters. That’s why we picked top of the line safety garments that look good, feel good, and have the capability to have your logo prominently featured.

Give us a call today to get started!


Getting Smart With: Safety


Safety First is more than just the catchy slogan we were taught when we were younger. It’s something that businesses practice when they place warning labels on their products; it’s something our teachers taught us when they told us not to run with the scissors; it’s what our parents instilled in us when they wouldn’t move the car until your seatbelt was on.

At Plymate, we take safety just as seriously. That’s why we were recently able to celebrate over 365 days without a lost-time accident.  How is that possible? It’s possible because we make safety a priority.

We do more than just slap posters up on the walls warning people to watch their step. We have an interactive safety training program headed up by a Safety Committee to ensure things are up to snuff according to OSHA and Plymate Standards.


Why is it important to create a safe work environment? It’s been proven that employees are often happier with a safer work environment. There’s less stress involved in their day to day jobs, and they often feel more valued. From an employers’ standpoint, a safe work environment means less time an employee is out with injury, less workers comp, and ultimately ensures less business cost.

Here are some ways we ensure a safe work environment that helped us achieve 365 days without a lost-time accident:

  1. Create a Safety Committee!
    1. The committee should be comprised of employees from all departments and levels of the business
  2. Conduct regular safety checks
  3. Have all new hires complete an extensive safety training course specific to their role
  4. Identify potential hazards within the facility, such as new equipment or building Expansion areas
  5. Enforce safe driving practices to anyone driving a company car
    1. All of our service vehicles have an in cab coaching system called InThinc which helps coach safe driving practices
  6. Investigate all accidents to see what could have been done to prevent it and what can be changed to prevent future accidents